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Sharon Bannister RCST.BCST.CHF.BSS

After living and working in Portugal for a number of years Sharon had a serious riding accident which left her paralysed for three and a half months in Faro hospital. It was this accident that would finally lead her to return to England and start an incredible journey of healing and self discovery.
Sharon started to study about the body, it's reactions to trauma and it's potential for healing.

Sharon later qualified as a fully accredited practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (CTET) under the instruction of Michael Kern and is currently based in London. She is also a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) and as such bound by their code of ethics and continuing her professional development. She is currently a member of the teaching team for the CTET Institute and teaching clinic.

Her long term interest in Aikido, Yoga and preventative medicine led her into the practice of Shiatsu Massage, and the study of oriental diagnosis and nutrition at the Kushi Institute, in 1987 graduating as a Registered Practitioner from the British School of Shiatsu. This included such internationally known teachers as Wateru Ohashi, Shizuko Yamamoto, Pauline Susaki and Saul Goodman. Later being invited to teach and has successfully run her own lectures, workshops and demonstrations throughout the United Kingdom and on an international level. Ranging from lectures for District Nurses at the South Bank Poly. to being selected as the only Alternative Practitioner to join a team of Paramedics engaged in work in Central America.

For the past 20 years Sharon has been an active member of the lay Buddhist organisation SGI-UK as an NGO working on projects worldwide dedicated to the promotion of peace, culture and education.

Sharon has also been involved with reference books on health, stress and massage, which she highly recommends as an introduction to understanding your own bodily needs.

“The Book of Massage” (The complete step-by-step guide to Eastern and Western techniques)
Forward by: Clare Maxwell-Hudson. Ebury Press ISBN 0-85223-328-0

“The Book of Stress Survival” (How to relax and live positively)
Forward by: Michael Van Straten. Unwin Paperbacks ISBN 0-04-132022-0


Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a new concept for me. I have suffered from depression sporadically throughout my adult life, and I have an imune deficient condition. Both illnesses need to be managed conscientiously on a daily basis. My sessions with Sharon have unearthed amazing equilibrium I've never experienced before. I continue to be amazed at the subtle, sublime and unique quality each session has provided. Sheer magic! It has reduced noticeably the unwanted side effects of my conventional medications. I find the treatments tailor made to my needs in a remakably profound way, each session is the highlight of my week.

THT client, Light House West

Craniosacral Therapy
I live a fast, stress filled life and I was concerned that the way I dealt with my stress would lead to serious illness. I suffered chronic back problems, particularly to do with the neck and also lower back; worries would keep me awake at night and often I felt as if I was forcing myself to hold back my feelings and frustrations caused by every day urban living. The cranial experience is very deep and yet gentle at the same time. Once I put myself in Sharon’s healing hands, I felt instantly relaxed and safe. It is such a luxury to be listened to and when you have somebody so focussed on ones needs: it’s not surprising that the results are so effective. At the end of each session I would feel enervated and refreshed, ready to face the world, ready to be creative and ready to give back again. It’s become an essential tool for my health.from

Jo Lynn, Splash Press Agency
London UK

I will never forget how you helped me overcome the difficult period when I was ill. Your professional care and understanding made the difference!
You supported my healing process in a wonderful way. You gave me energy, and activated the healing power in me and you made me feel relaxed so that I could harmonize again with my body. Thanks to you I am now a healthy, happily married woman with a two year old toddler leading a wonderful normal life! Thank you!

Michela Lucchini-Zobrist, Government Administrator
Bern Switzerland

“I was one of Sharon’s patients last year and it was at a time when my life had hit a dead end. I needed change, but didn’t know to what, or how to get it. After about three or four sessions with Sharon I had a revelation that pointed me towards studying Shiatsu. It was clear to me at that point that this path was the right one for me. It felt right, indecisions and doubts gave way to confidence and decisive action. Since then I have been driving forward to make my dreams a reality. It was like being released from my own restrictions and inhibitions.”

David Shrayane, Accountant
London UK

Further Suggested Reading Craniosacral Therapy

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"Understanding Craniosacral Therapy" (A great introduction to Craniosacral Therapy) John Wilks First Stone Publishing ISBN 1-904439-35-7

Further Suggested Reading Shiatsu

"The New Book Of Shiatsu, Vitality & Health through the art of Touch" Pauline Sasaki Forward by Paul Lundberg

"Do It Yourself Shiatsu" Wateru Ohashi Unwin Press Forward by Yoga Today and Time Out ISBN 0-04-613037-3

"Natural Childbirth The Eastern Way" (A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery Through Shiatsu) Wateru Ohashi with Mary Hoover Ballentine Books ISBN 0-345-30089-0

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Further Suggested Reading General Self Help

"In an Unspoken Voice" (How the body releases trauma and restores goodness) Peter A Levine PhD North Atlantic Books, ISBN 978-1-55643-943-8

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