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Craniosacral Therapy & Shiatsu Massage in Central London

“The human body is in reciprocal balance with the whole universe and is individualised in the internal and external environmental response to the universe”

“The Stillness of Life” By Dr Rollin Becker

Craniosacral Therapy

  • Is safe and gentle

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Works well with other therapies

  • Can be combined with conventional treatments

    Not sleeping, finding it hard to concentrate, feeling overwhelmed?

    It is really important to learn how stress affects you, and to try and increase your ability to cope with it. That way you can reduce the chances of stress leading you to develop more serious problems.

    Craniosacral Therapy now available in Central London
    at The Healthy Living Centre Highbury & Islington

  • After being asked for suggested reading I have now made a list of books that you may find helpful. JUST GO TO THE SUGGESTIONS TAB & CLICK on the button beside the title and you will be taken strait to the book where you can also read the reviews.

    BOOK OF THE MONTH to help in these stressful times of COVID-19.

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    Featured Testimonial

    "Climb Every Mountain"

    "I am a climber, who has been suffering from post-viral fatigue for over six months. despite feeling drained, I continued to train, abeit sporadically.

    At the time I first went to see Sharon, an hour's moderate exercise would leave me feeling ill for a week. Eventually, the associated malaise was to much for me, and I decided to cease climbing altogether.

    Sharon helped me enormously through some very difficult times. After several weeks of regular treatment, I started to notice a difference in how I was feeling.......Sharon put me back on the road to recovery and gave me the strength to continue in a demanding job and an equally demanding past-time.

    I recently resumed training and went climbing a couple of weeks ago. In neither did I experience any associated side-effects. I consider this to be a breakthrough as it was always exercise that was holding me back from making what I considered to be a full recovery.........I still take things a day a ta time, though I do feel very optimistic that the worst is now behind me.

    Thank you again for everything you did to help get me back to where I am today.

    Gavin McGrath

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