How to Take Cortexi: Using The Cortexi Hearing Health Supplement

Cortexi is a revolutionary 360-degree hearing aid that utilizes premium natural ingredients to restore hearing health.

This dietary supplement not only helps treat tinnitus and its associated symptoms but also improves memory and mental clarity and if you’re considering incorporating Cortexi into your daily routine, it’s important to understand how and when to take it for optimal results.

In this article on how to take Cortexi, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how to use and take the product effectively to see the best results.

Let’s take a deeper look.

How to Take Cortexi

What Is Cortexi And How To Take It

Cortexi is a non-GMO supplement that contains no dangerous toxins, stimulants, or chemicals. It is manufactured under strict, sterile working conditions in a laboratory that is both GMP-tested and FDA-approved.

With a variety of health benefits, including reducing information overload, improving brain clarity, and preserving natural memory, Cortexi is a reliable choice for those seeking to enhance their hearing health.

When it comes to how much Cortexi to take, the recommended dosage for Cortexi is to take it twice a day.

The Process…

To take Cortexi correctly, begin by shaking the bottle well to ensure proper mixing of the liquid solution.

Using the provided dropper, take a full dropper of Cortexi and mix it with water of with the beverage of your choice. Each dropper contains approximately 15 drops of the liquid solution.

Take the solution. This, it’s recommended that you should do, once in the morning before breakfast and another before lunch or at night. This is 100% up to you.

To see the best results possible, it’s advisable to take Cortexi regularly for a minimum of three months. Consistency is key when it comes to reaping the benefits of this hearing health supplement. It is important to note that exceeding the recommended dosage will not accelerate the results and may even be harmful. Stick to the suggested regimen to ensure safe and effective usage.

Jonathan Miller, the creator of Cortexi ear drops, has assembled a team of experts to develop this high-quality supplement with all-natural ingredients.

The formulation is meticulously crafted to promote healthy hearing and deliver verifiable results.

The manufacturing process prioritizes product quality, and Cortexi contains no fillers, additives, or harmful substances.

But How Does Cortexi Actually Work?

Cortexi addresses the underlying causes of hearing problems, particularly tinnitus, by utilizing a combination of ingredients that improve energy levels, memory, mental clarity, and hearing health.

The supplement enhances blood flow to the ear, facilitating the transmission of healthy signals to the brain.

Additionally, Cortexi’s natural composition reduces inflammation and protects the ear from further damage, ultimately restoring and preserving hearing health.

Benefits Of Taking Cortexi

When it comes to the benefits of using Cortexi, there are several key advantages:

  1. Promotes Healthy Hearing: Cortexi addresses the root causes of ear health problems, improving hearing and alleviating tinnitus symptoms.
  2. Improved Memory: Cortexi contains ingredients that enhance memory and promote a young and healthy mind. It helps clear the mind, enhances concentration, and eliminates brain fog.
  3. Enhanced Blood Flow: Cortexi’s ingredients, such as grape seed and green tea, improve blood flow to the ear, enabling healthy signals to be transmitted to the brain. This improved circulation supports overall ear health.
  4. Reduced Inflammation: Cortexi drops aid in reducing inflammation, protecting the ear from further damage.
  5. Energy Improvement: The natural ingredients in Cortexi provide an energy boost and foster a positive attitude throughout the day.
  6. 360-Degree Listening: Cortexi supports 360-degree hearing, combating age-related decline, improving inner ear health, and protecting against oxidative damage, a leading cause of hearing problems.
  7. Improved Mental Health: Cortexi removes the source of inflammation, allowing the brain to recover and improve. The supplement provides antioxidants to brain cells and enhances communication between the ear and brain, resulting in improved mental clarity and brain function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and usage instructions for Cortexi, let’s address some common questions about this supplement:

Is there an oral supplement version of Cortexi?

Cortexi is available as a liquid dropper only that can be consumed directly or mixed with a beverage of your choice.

It Can Only Be Purchased By Going Through The Official Website Here.

Who should avoid using Cortexi?

Cortexi is intended for use by adults only, and underage users should not consume it.

If you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications, it’s advisable to consult with your healthcare professional before starting Cortexi.

Cortexi has no registered cases of side effects and doesn’t interact negatively with medication either, but you should still consult, just to be safe.

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Is there a fee for Cortexi shipping?

Yes. When buying a single bottle of Cortexi, a small delivery fee will be applied.

However, if you opt for the three or six-bottle packages, you don’t .

These are true for orders inside the USA only. International orders may incur additional shipping costs.

Can Cortexi be purchased from physical stores?

Cortexi is exclusively available for purchase through the official Cortexi website.

You cannot buy cortexi at stores or third party retail sites.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of the product, it is recommended to purchase directly from the official source.

Are there any side effects of using Cortexi?

According to the official website, extensive research, and user testimonials, Cortexi has no known negative side effects.

The supplement’s all-natural ingredients contribute to its safety and effectiveness.

How much does Cortexi cost?

Cortexi currently offers 3 different pricing plans:

    • 1 Bottle Option: 30 day supply for $69 + Shipping
    • 3 Bottle Option: 90 day supply for $177 + Free Shipping + Free Bonus eBooks
    • 6 Bottle Option: 180 day supply $294 + Free Shipping + Free Bonus eBooks

Are there any bonuses included with Cortexi?

When getting the three or six-month supply, Cortexi comes with two bonus eBooks:

    • “Hear Like a Pro”: This eBook provides various methods to improve hearing, including meditation techniques and exercises.
    • “Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory”: This eBook offers techniques to enhance memory, concentration, and cognitive function.

Every purchase you make on the official site, also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the results within the first 60 days of your purchase, you can contact customer support to request a refund.


Cortexi is a highly effective hearing health supplement that utilizes natural ingredients to restore and improve hearing health.

By following the recommended dosage instructions and incorporating Cortexi into your daily routine, you can experience the benefits of reduced tinnitus symptoms, improved memory, enhanced blood flow, reduced inflammation, increased energy levels, and overall better mental health.

The instructions on how to take Cortexi are as follows:

  • Shake the bottle
  • Take a dropper worth of the solution
  • Mix it with water or your favorite beverage
  • Take twice a day

With its all-natural composition, strict manufacturing standards, and positive customer testimonials, Cortexi is a reliable solution for those seeking to enhance their hearing capabilities.

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  1. Wayne K Cobb says:

    Dear Sir:

    How do it get a dropper full. When I squeeze the rubber on the top it only fills about 1/3 of the dropper. I also counted the drops that came out of the dropper when I squeezed the rubber and it was only about 20 drops.
    Please advise me.

    Thank you very much!
    Wayne K. Cobb
    [email protected]
    1-775-786-5432 Home Phone

    1. Hi there.

      One good solution for this, is simply to use that 1/3 of the volume, three times, to get one complete droppers’ worth of the supplement. It doesn’t have to be exact drop for drop. As long as it’s approximately one droppers worth of volume per serving, it should be good enough.


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