ProDentim Ingredients. What They Don’t Tell You

In general, repairing dental decay or cavities can be extremely painful and expensive. Fortunately, there are a bunch less costly and more “delicious” solutions and alternatives out there in the market today to get the same benefits, without the hassle.

One of the very top solutions available, is the brand new ProDentim Oral Health supplement and tablets.

ProDentim, is a 100% natural supplement that comes in the form of a candy, and is designed with healthy nutrients and probiotics in mind to help give you a mouth, that is free of disease and has healthy teeth and strong gums.

With this supplement, you won’t have to worry about those issues, having to endure another day of foul breath or the dreads of tooth decay.

The ProDentim proprietary, unique, recipe and blend of both herbal ingredients and probiotics, will make this a thing of the past.

But what exactly are the ProDentim ingredients? What can you find inside these probiotic supplements? What are they made of? In this post, we’ll be looking at exactly what these are.

ProDentim Ingredients: What Does ProDentim Actually Contain?

As we mentioned before, ProDentim is a great, natural solution to tooth decay, bad breath and a disbalance of healthy bacteria in your gut and mouth.

It allows you to repopulate your mouth with the beneficial bacteria, and help create an environment that is conducive to their growth so as to promote the health of your teeth and gums.

“A lot of people in different reviews online, are saying that ProDentim contains tons of ingredients and compounds that it doesn’t really have. The official Ingredients are 3 bacterial strains and 4 plant compounds.” 

ProDentims’ proprietary recipe is made up of a variety of organic components and probiotic bacteria strains that are effective in treating dental health problems.

These chemicals have not only been used extensively for decades (and have been getting our customers great results), but their effectiveness is also supported by a sufficient body of scientific research to back it up.

Thus, the ProDentim ingredients formula can be split into two groups or categories:

  • The all-natural plant substances that have been used for years to treat gum disease and maintain the health of teeth.
  • The probiotic mix and strains that are included in probiotic supplements that can benefit your gut microbiome and digestive system.
prodentim ingredients
prodentim ingredients

These components are skillfully combined in the ProDentim recipe to ensure that you receive its full advantages and prevent any potential mouth infections, problems, etc.

Looking at the ProDentim ingredients a bit closer, we can see that these include:

Lactobacillus Paracasei 

Lactobacillus Paracasei is a highly advantageous ingredient in the ProDentim probiotic formulation. Studies show that having these probiotic strains on hand may benefit people’s gut health.

Fermented foods like yogurt, commonly include Lactobacillus Paracasei and it has been shown to create bacterial inhibitors that enhance the health of the gut microbiota and lessen irritable bowel syndrome.

Also, it has been shown to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the mouth while suppressing the development of harmful bacteria, which is exactly what we’re looking to do.

As a result, bacterial growth, tooth decay, and gingivitis are reduced (a condition characterized by inflamed gums).

Additionally, L. paracasei has been linked to enhanced probiotic cultures, enhanced long-term digestion, and reduced inflammation.

Lactic Acid Bacteria

This particular strain of beneficial bacteria is most usually seen in the digestive systems of mammals like humans, and numerous studies have revealed that this natural ingredient can have positive benefits on the digestive system when consumed in tiny doses.

It may increase the system’s overall capacity and has also demonstrated strong potential for reducing plaque buildup on teeth, which damages the enamel and gives your teeth a yellow appearance.

In rare circumstances, this bacterium may be helpful in preventing problems including nausea and gum disorders too. A win win.

This bacterial strain, is known to support your immune system in addition to the digestive system and most people with gum inflammation may find relief from their symptoms by using lactobacillus Reuteri supplements.

By reducing the occurrence and severity of plaque, gingivitis, and calculus development, it has been shown to improve the overall health of the oral cavity and can assist with bad breath as well.

BL-04® B.lactis

A gram-positive probiotic bacteria known as B.lactis BL-04, is typically included in many probiotic products that you might find in the supermarket.

It has been utilized in this supplement since it is a very useful ingredient, that helps increase the quantity of beneficial bacteria in your mouth, along with the other probiotic strains.

ProDentim capsules contain the bacteria Bifidobacterium lactis BL-04 and the exclusive mixture encourages the right oral bacterial balance while also enhancing respiratory and immune health.

As we mentioned a bit before, your mouth’s bacteria also contributes significantly to your immune system, much like your gut microbes do for your overall health, which is why this strain is also important, and included within the ProDentim formula.

B.lactis BL-04 is an organic source of probiotics, which improve digestive systems and protect against dangerous gastrointestinal illnesses by enhancing the immune system.

ProDentim Ingredients
ProDentim Ingredients. 4 Plants and minerals 3 bacterial strains


Chicory root, also known as inulin, is a typical element in many supplements that are generally regarded as good for your health.

By including Inulin in the ProDentim formula, due to the high fiber content that the element has, you might see a decrease in your appetite. The fiber has the ability to make you feel fuller and prevent the onset of undesirable cravings.

By encouraging the development of beneficial flora and eliminating undesirable ones, inulin can also protect the digestive system and enhance the health of your intestines.

This can help avoid tooth plaque and gum infections, which are two common problems for people who have poor oral hygiene. Additionally, inulin can help the body better rid itself of plaque.

Not only does it promote dental health and assist with at-home teeth whitening, but it can also benefit the oral microbiome and maintain digestive tract and digestive system health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Malic Acid

Malic acid is yet another all-natural component utilized in the ProDentim pills, to improve oral health. Strawberries among other fruits and vegetables naturally contain malic acid.

Malic acid is normally regarded as an inert component in nutritional supplements, but according to the creators of ProDentim, it can maintain tooth whiteness too and thus gains it’s place within the ProDentim ingredient list.

Malic acid can also help keep your skin looking fresh for a longer time and can decrease the effects of aging on your body.

Additionally, it might be helpful to prevent dry mouth, which usually makes breath smelly as bad bacterial colonies can accumulate.

Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP)

Tricalcium phosphate, according to ProDentim’s manufacturer, can improve your oral health in a number of ways.

TCP is a mineral, not a plant or herb and it’s essential for maintaining the general health of your oral cavity as well as help prevent oral infections.

It helps maintain the structure of teeth and fends against decay by creating a protective layer on your teeth (which usually has been eroded away). TCP also increases salivation, which helps you remove food particles from your teeth and gums and helps lubricate your teeth.


Peppermint is one of the most versatile and aromatic plants that exist. It has a massive range of applications (one of which being dental hygiene) and is the base ingredient of the ProDentim supplement.

The ProDentim formula’s developers are conscious of the importance of oral hygiene in preventing gum disease, cavities, bad breath, and tooth decay and added peppermint extract to their supplement as a result.

This all-natural substance can help remove plaque from teeth and has been shown to get rid of any foul breath you may have.

It also promotes salivation, which aids in flushing out food residue that may have accumulated in your oral cavity.

In addition, peppermint possesses antibacterial properties that make it beneficial in fending off the germs and dangerous bacteria that cause dental conditions including periodontitis and halitosis.

This way, and by regularly taking peppermint throughout the day, you can offset bacterial growth.

What Stores Sell ProDentim?

ProDentim is currently only offered in stock on the supplement’s official internet site; it is not marketed elsewhere. Thus, you can only buy ProDentim online, and from the Official Retail Store Here.

Do note that ProDentim is only sold through the official website, and buying it off of other stores like Amazon or Walmart neither guarantees that you’ll get the real product, nor guarantees that you can get a refund on your purchase if you’re unhappy with the product.

Fake ProDentim sites and bottles sold in other retail establishments and on e-commerce websites that are not the official, are not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

On the official ProDentim web site, you can purchase the supplement easily with any payment method, and it’ll be getting to you in a dew days time.

ProDentim Pricing: How Much Does ProDentim Cost?

As of this moment in time, you can get ProDentim, through 3 different pricing options, depending on your needs.

  • 30-day supply: One bottle of ProDentim, for $69 plus free shipping.
  • 90-day supply: This option is three bottles $59 per bottle plus free shipping. The total cost for this option is $177.
  • 180-day supply: This option gives you six bottles of ProDentim, each setting you back $49 plus free shipping. The total cost of this prices option is $294.

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